Saturday, October 28, 2006

School tomorrow.....School today

Saturday. 9.45. Pooped. Off to bed now. Just for the record! Damn fine half-term.

Hmm: Sunday. 9.30. This is a ghost blog. Posted it last night. BlogPublish went funny. Entry disappeared. I went off to bed. Found it in directory today, apparently live. Add this. See what happens.

In the intervening 23 hours and 45 minutes: Reset 6 a.m. alarm for 6.15 then ignored it til 6.45. Back to school.
Grade 9s working on melodrama.
Grade 11s starting GCSE assessment.
Scaffolding rep coming in tomorrow re: building Merry Wives stage.
Tired old canvas on flats to be replaced ready for painting after school on Wed and Thurs.
Paint ordered.
Update from props guy.
Students invited to make props, paint set after school Tues/Wed/Thurs
Department meeting with stellar new colleague sharing excellent ideas born of long experience. (Every week I am happier about how the department will continue after I move on.)
First outdoor Merry Wives rehearsal: kids in much better form than at yesterday's lack-lustre rehearsal. All coming together with a fortnight to go.
Lighting plan revised.
Home to Habibi; gin & tonic; delicious light dinner of potatoes, onions, red & green peppers and ham roasted in olive oil with plenty of black pepper; snooze; taxi to panto pirate rehearsal (past Sheikh Z. road accident); Arr! Arr!! ARRRR!!; taxi home past fresh Sheikh Z. road accident.
And NOW it's 9.45. Kiefer Sullivan never has this much fun in 24 hours.
Gonna build some fairy wings.
Random image of beautiful raspberries purloined from ?
Wonder if this will really post this time, or be secret joke at own expense.

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Robyn said...

Hi MamaDuck! I have enjoyed stumbling upon your blog. And I have a question for you. I'm interested to find out about your teaching situation in terms of how you like it there, the realities of it, how long you've been teaching at that particular school, etc. If you could get back with me, it would really help in some decisions my husband and I have to make in regards to possible employment there.