Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The post that should appear between Canadian Quirky and Calico Gals! (Don't ask.)

While Margi Hennen was the catalyst for tossing out convention, I took the pipe cleaner bods - obviously more sophisticated than those for the felt dolls, from Hannelore Wernhard's enchanting (and very practical) book, The Knitted Farmyard. (My farmyard consists of lots of separate knitted bits, none of which I have actually made up - I rather missed the boat with Habibibaba, but there are always the nieces and nephews to finish it for.

So, this is the basic structure for the Gin Fairy (Sorry Mother - I don't think she even likes gin..... so I guess I get that from my dad!), Harriet, and TFFKAP (The Fairy Formerly Known As Psycho).

And if you can get a copy of Hannelore's book, you can make these:


What greater incentive could you ask for?

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