Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stress Indicator.

Sometimes, one needs an objective indicator of how one is coping with the stresses of life.

Close your eyes.

Inhale slowly and deeply.

Exhale on a gentle sigh, to a count of five.

Open your eyes and, keeping your mind free and calm, scroll down, and feel your heart lift in response to the simple rightness of the glorious image below.

These splendid creatures are identical, and if you perceive them thus, then you are clearly balanced, relaxed, and at peace with yourself and your life.
Salaam aleykum.
Peace be with you.

Any differences you perceive are an indicator that you are suffering some degree of stress.
The greater the difference, the more you need to reconsider your way of life, your personal values, and your place in the cosmos.
It's all about balance.
Yin and Yan.
Bill and Ben
Dharma and Greg.

Now breathe..........



Thanks to Judi, who emailed this to me, once upon a time........ and whoever started it!)


Kate Walker said...

forgotten about that one - and what a GREAT indicator of stress levels it is.

In return - I offer you this sad and sorry tale of the terrible Cow Abduction problem that is assailing the world.

And if you're feeling particularly stressed you can always join in and abduct a few yourself

Kate - who should be writing not zaping cows!

Kate Walker said...

Oops - sorry - it would have helped if I'd added the link - see it's all that stress and those aliens abducting cows aren;t helping -

Just click on the happy little cow grazing and see what happens

MamaDuck said...

Oh yeah! Anyone for milkshake?

Wendy WaterBirde said...

This is just the cutest thing Ive seen!

Blessed Week : ) Wendy