Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meanwhile, down in the engine room......

I thought I'd see if there was a comparative time zone table, so I'd know when PDT is, and stay away from the laptop for the duration of Blogger's planned maintenance.

There wasn't one, but they did have this log.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wow. Ok. So it hasn’t been Blogger’s weekend. Blogger was down for a little over three hours this evening, due to the near-simultaneous failure of a critical component and its backup. This outage also impacted the loading of many Blog*Spot blogs, which rely on Blogger for a CSS file.

We apologize profusely for this outage. Blogger should be working as normal now. The new version of Blogger in beta was not affected.

Posted by Pete at 20:23 PDT

Friday, October 20, 2006

We’ve been having a bit of slowness this morning. Technicians are on the scene. Update, 11:15: Most of the problems are resolved. Thanks for sticking with us through the maintenance. Blogger will be running a bit slower than normal for a short time (possibly for the rest of today) as we have a handful of servers out of commission. If you see any error pages, please just wait a sec and try again. Posted by Pete at 09:11 PDT

Thank you Pete (and Pal, who logged other jobs).

See, guys? They are doing their best, and they tell us what they're doing.
Don't you wish more companies would try this approach to customer service!


Deepak Morris said...

I'm drunk.

Swallowing two of my posts in separate blogs with nothing wrong with blogger (each post taking THREE attempts while I was still sober) means it's not blogger's fault, right?

Confirms it, I'm drunk.

And I use Firefox.

Does that mean I'm double-drunk?

How's the panto progressing?


MamaDuck said...

Deepak: You're drunk, man. Give it up! Panto great fun. Singing, leaping about, and that's just the social - Arr!

nzm said...

MamaDuck here you go - The World Clock

What they don't know ain't worth knowing!

You can even make up your own Personal Clock by only listing the cities that you want to see the times for.

PDT is the US West Coast, so San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seattle will do!