Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Perfect Little Angel - the pattern I use most

Here she is, Her Angelic Loveliness, the best Christmas angel pattern of them all, in my opinion.

She appeared in Woman's Weekly, several years back. You can buy the kit online from the Christmas section of Candle House Crafts which has plenty more charming designs.


elle said...

Yes, this Angel is my favourite too. All your dolls/angels are lovely. Thanks for posting the patterns too. I've got Little 1's christmas decoration fishished, just waiting for the frame. I'll post a picture as soon as it's complete.

MamaDuck said...

I shall look forward to that! I don't know about you, but I often have a particular blogger in mind when I post. Jin, NZM, Mme Cyn and Trailing Spouse for the ironic and entertaining. Cave Renovator for the countdown to Spain. I have never met most of these people in person (Perhaps I never shall.) but I like and respect them, based on their blogs, and our brief exchanges in the comment columns.

Anyway, for the angels and the dolls coming up (See Sarah!)it's you - or Elle and Little 1, which makes this more satisfying than simply blowing off into the ether - less Rapunzel-with-laptop than Mother-Goose-with-laptop!

Also less me as Stalker! and more you as Muse. or the archetypal Mother...Gaia incarnate in Al Ain......and the flush you are now experiencing is not anxiety but recognition of your fabulous female aura. Go, on, soak it up!

- um - two pertinent points at this juncture.....firstly, I've been reading Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy (daemons and half-seen characters)....and secondly.. as you may have suspected....I'm writing with a mug of coffee at my elbow. Heady stuff, caffeine...

Perhaps it would be equally valid to say I am posting to my past self, at home with my one chick, or my future self, settled in one place with permanent neighbours, and with family I actually get to see and spend time with. Howwwwllll!!!

Either way, it's company!