Sunday, October 15, 2006


I've been trying to work out how to split my blogroll into sections, e.g. Spanish links, local links, craft links. No can do. If anyone knows how, and can explain it for the non-HTML-minded, I would be very grateful.

Also, can anyone tell me how to do a book link? I've seen how book links take you straight to a seller, but haven't found any code or tags for myself.


BTW: my venerable but battered Vaio laptop has just about had it. Either the mouse works, or I get Internet access. Actually, I had both for a while today but then the whole thing froze and hung, and the only way to switch it off was to pull out the plug and remove the battery. Every time..... It started this a couple of days ago, so I guess its remaining days are numbered. It would be nice to know the number. Honestly, just as I start enjoying a completely IT-dependent way of life, IT falls apart! Yeah, I know, time to upgrade...... cackle....

All files now on memory sticks. Just wait for me to lose them.


nzm said...

Doesn't your website whizz Habibi give you help? lol.

Copy and paste your website template from Blogger into a Word doc, and save it as a .txt file.

Then, email it to me as an attachment to:

I'll set it up for you, then send it back for you to copy and paste back into your blogger template.

You'll also need to tell me what you want to call the Sections.

MamaDuck said...

Ooh ta! Will do! =D

nzm said...

As for book links - damn you, woman! Because of this question, I've just been ferreting around on the internet for a couple of hours looking for the answer! lol

It's complicated, and will probably require a personal tete-a-tete where I'm next in Dubai.

You either do it manually or you can set up a semi-automatic list that can be generated from an Amazon Wishlist etc. Some can take referrals from any online links or eshops.

But you can look at this site to see if it will help you. You just need to find website link URLs to the books, music, dvds that you wish to display and add them onto the list, as well as place Your Personal List html code into your blog template - this will be generated and sent to you in an email when you register for the free service.

Another that can generate a list from an Amazon Wishlist is (you have to choose a version depending on whether you are using a Wishlist from the Amazon US or the UK site) or

'Ave a go, me hearty, and give me a bell (email) if you find yourself on the rocks!

nzm said...

Here's another one that only does books: LibraryThing

You can see what it looks like on a Blogger blog here in the right column.

nzm said...


You can sign up to become an Amazon Associate and show an Amazon list like on the lower left hand side of Tainted's blog.

In short, an Amazon Associate is a Web site owner who places links to the Web site on his or her site and earns referral fees through sales of products.

MamaDuck said...

I can believe you spent ages on this: it's taken most of the evening to work through your suggestions, but now I've found exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you very very much for your effort - well beyond the call of cyber-friendship!

nzm said...

You're most welcome, because it helped me to learn some new stuff too!

Don't forget to email me your template code!