Saturday, October 07, 2006

The real me.

In the light of the preceding entries, I'd better show you the results of the Famous Leader Personality Test that Habibi just found. I am

Frighteningly possible, don't you think? Be grateful for all the things I don't say here!
Go see what Habibi got!

OK. Off to do the If I Were a Classic Movie test. Same link.

And the result is:

I've only seen the last 15 minutes, when they all die. Don't ask!

P.S. I agree that I want all of the above, but achieving it.... well.....

When Habibi did his Famous Leader test, he got the same result twice. I did the Classic Movie again and got this:

Let me share my experience of schizophrenia.....

Go play!

P.S. There are some serious tests too, but it's Saturday afternoon and I'm just about at the end of a nice long glass of Mothers' Ruin, (gratuitous educational link) so
1) I'll do them another time,
2) I ain't telling you nothin' because although
a) I don't worry too much about appearances and what people think of me*
b) I'm very secretive!

*What makes being over 40 a psychological Garden of Eden for women is that if you get that far without screwing up completely, and you realise that the people you love still love you after all this time - then you can't be that bad!


Mme Cyn said...

I'm JFK and "Apocalypse Now". Hmmm.

MamaDuck said...

In short: one helluva woman!