Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I believe I mentioned doodling faces as a useful exercise. It's also fun! I did these a couple of years back, and keep them for reference.

I cannot draw for toffee, as all my students can attest, so I copied most of them from somewhere else before cutting loose and experimenting. Certainly, if you want to make a doll with an identifiable race, age, character or personality, you're going to need more than two beads and a stitch of pink!

Good sources, depending on whether you're aiming for fantasy, cosy, satirical or portraiture, include newspaper cartoons such as Eb & Flo, Dilbert, Garfield, Andy Capp; - children's comics and the likes of Marvel comics; political cartoons; children's picture books; books for older children - especially if they have line drawings; and magazine adverts. That's just off the top of my head!

Incidentally, while the Perfect Little Angel and Calico Gals are presented as female, the faces and bodies are androgynous, so you can do what you like really. (I know I keep saying this, but it's true!)

Both patterns are intended for hanging, or sitting, but if you alter the leg pattern to give them feet and/or insert thick wire into the legs and body, you can pose them to strengthen the sense of age, character or situation. (Good grief! Who let the drama teacher in here?)

Going now!

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