Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Doll's House

I've been doing up a dolls' house to take to Spain, for when our nieces and nephews come to visit.
I painted it, except for two rooms, put in some window boxes and bought some little room sets. This was months ago. Since then I've been busy with other things, and the dolls' house has sat neglected in a corner, with all the bits tucked away inside.

Yesterday I came home to surprise visitors, and this is what 9 year-old Sacha had done. Isn't it bonny? Habibi says she played with it for hours, rearranging things and doing all the voices of the motley collection of dolls. I'm thrilled that she enjoyed it so much. (Sometimes I get these ideas - it's good when they work....)

A Georgian house with the roof off. The blue is left-over emulsion from Habibibaba's bedroom, and reminds me of him (long-gone now - sniff!) and wisteria-covered mews cottages in Chelsea.

Roof garden

....and Interior, with Chimney Pots and Welsh Dresser.

I especially love her chimney pot four-poster, the Welsh dresser full of chessmen, and the teeny doll sitting among the climbers and rose trees in the roof garden. And now I know what happened to the 'Arabian rug' coasters Dad gave me!

(When I get round to it, I'm going to papier mache the matchbox into a bed. And do some covers. And rugs. And curtains. Oh yes, and repaint the bathroom suite. All good fun!)
The house is a flat-pack from The Early Learning Centre, and the bathroom and dining room suites are from Magrudy's.

P.S. It's 1.20 in the ratting a.m. I went to bed. I got up again. Maybe I'll play for a bit..... :D


elle said...

What a great idea! I bought Little 1 the exact same one for her 4th birthday. I'm quite sad as she hasn't played with it as much as I thought she would. Anyway Sacha gives me hope!

trailingspouse said...

It's gorgeous! I always wanted a dolls house, but never had one. I remember when my son was little and sick at home he would direct me to make him fire stations, garages, etc out of old shoe boxes and kraft paper - the boy's version I guess.

Still having problems sleeping, eh?

Keefieboy said...

Ratting a.m.!?

MamaDuck said...

Elle: If I ever get it finished. I've had the pattern and complete materials for a knitted farm for years, since Habibibaba was about three. He's 19 in December, and it's still not finished BUT IT WILL BE BY THE TIME WE GET TO SPAIN! If my discipline matched my optimism....

Just wait til Little One is older and new friends come round to play. How is she getting on at school? And how are your mornings?

TS: I never particularly wanted a dolls' house, but these days I really enjoy making dolls. I started maybe three years ago, when a magazine pattern for Christmas angels coincided with a long Christmas-Eid holiday. I made them for all the family - except my dad who I have promised one this year! I have a lovely time playing around with fabrics and colours, and different faces. I'll post some pics closer to Christmas cos they're fun!

KB: I couldn't spell #$$%*&)*%#)@#$! at 1.20 this #$$%*&)*%#)@#$! morning!

Daddy-in-Law said...

wot no basil in a window box?

MamaDuck said...

Dad: Habibi's in charge of basil production, in case you hadn't noticed!

Anonymous said...

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