Monday, November 13, 2006

Quite cheerful to begin with but rapidly going downhill

5 a.m. Still up.

Found this video link, at Google Video UK, courtesy of Desert Lady. There are lots and lots of vids about Dubai - this official promotional one, and others about events and ....traffic.. and other stuff.

Returning home today, I was quite overwhelmed by the sheer density of high-rise buildings on both sides of the Sheikh Zayed Highway. So many stacks of cells, like termite colonies. Vast, crowded, impersonal, inhuman. The stuff of sci-fi movies. You think you're an individual, but you're just clone model #5734985057635645651895-1561654, and you will occupy your place in time and space, surrounded by all the other clones, who also think that they count for something.

I read somewhere that ants, bees and termites have no higher sense beyond the urge to perform their particular function: the benefits of genetic programming. That obviously works for them. The trouble is that the housing model of the termite colony - especially in Dubai, where we have the biggest, tallest, goodgollymissmolliest of everything rising out of the ground 24/7 - brings on existential angst amongst creatures of higher consciousness. Or maybe that's just me. At 5.42 in the sleepless pale a.m.


I expect it will be beautiful when it's finished, but I shan't miss it.

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