Monday, November 20, 2006

Snap Happy

I bought my little Canon PowerShot A510 earlier this year. I wanted something idiot proof and not too expensive, but with enough features to let me play and experiment. At the time I bought, Canon had brought out an upgrade: more sophisticated, more expensive and more compact; but the original suited my needs. Its larger size was a factor too.

I have a real talent for putting things down without a thought, and just walking away. Sunglasses (taxi).
Prescription glasses (aeroplane).
Keys (tables, shelves, keyholes, bags; in fact just about any surface, transport or container I pass).
Mobile (most of the above).

I have improved with practice, partly as inconvenience, cost and paranoia have taken their toll.
Primarily, though, it's because I have learnt to go for accessories that are bright enough to see on any surface; rattly, so that I can hear them if I shake my bag; and large enough to find by feel when digging down into said bag. If all else fails, we give my mobile a missed call, which is fine, as long as I haven't got it on silent.......

See? Virtually unlosable!

You'll appreciate my difficulties when you see what else I've had in my bag for the last month or so, along with books and files.
May I point out that there was also lipstick and mascara in there last Wednesday and Thursday?

Anyway, I have been having fun with my little A510 in the last few days. Habibi showed me how to use Corel Photo-Paint 12 to crop and resize my rehearsal photos, and how to switch off the automatic flash on my camera, which otherwise goes off indoors in daylight, taking all the yellow tones out of whatever I'm trying to photograph. At the time it was the beautiful bouquet from the Merry Wives cast and crew, so I was getting quite wound up about it!

In addition, we've got guests at the moment, and in addition to being relieved of washing up duties (I've fought! I really have!) I have tonight had a little demo on using the macro setting and adjusting exposure time for close-ups. Oh I've had fun. See next pics.

(Mi casa su casa, chaps. Just as long as you like!)

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nzm said...

Your guests must be of a better calibre than Trailing Spouse's, then!