Thursday, November 16, 2006

First Night

So go on. Ask me how they did. Ask me, ask me!

So how did they do, Mama Duck?

They did great!
They were wonderful.
My face hurt from smiling so much.
A few hesitant lines, one late entrance and one slightly premature sound cue, but that's it. Commitment , confidence and the joy of getting out there in front of an audience and giving them what they'd come for.
Actors continuing to develop their roles, really using their dramatic technique, enjoying themselves.
Techies so focused and cool.
Lovely play, lovely cast and crew working their socks off to do it justice. Fab.

And they're going to be even better tonight! Wheeeee!


Kate Walker said...

Congratulations Duck! And here's to an even better performance tonight. Break a leg - or summat


Daddy-in-Law said...

Great news,but, YOU will have to stop being so hesitant wear a hearing aid for your sound cues and start getting to places on time, other than that well done Daughter Mine. L u lots Pop

Mme Cyn said...

I'm so sorry I've missed it! My S.O. has been laid up in hospital & recuperating, so I have done the Dutiful Girlfriend thing and been by his side instead of traipsing off to Shakespeare. But I have had my fingers crossed for your kids! So glad it's going well.

elle said...

Congratulations. The costumes look fab.

MamaDuck said...

Kate: Thank you Dahling!
Dad: Oi! I'm going blind, not deef!
Mme Cyn: Poor guy. But I take the fact that he's still blogging as a good sign! Will phone in the morning.
Elle: Thank you. Fun, aren't they? Wait til you see the main ones.