Tuesday, November 14, 2006

(He)artistic endeavours

I want to post some rehearsal pics, and show some of these fab costumes, but there's a smattering of school uniforms in every shot except these. Get a load of our Act 5 hoax fairies!

Anyway, we open tomorrow. Yay! Just two nights at our school, but then we've been invited to do a charity performance at Wollongong University on the 19th. Kids on tour!

It's actually a very busy week this week, with three schools that I know of doing, between us, Tom Jones, Merry Wives and West Side Story. And the reason I know this is that Tom Jones himself (of DAA) is a pirate in Treasure Island!

OK. Habibi's doing HMHB's Chicken Masala for dinner - yum!

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nzm said...

Break a leg!