Friday, November 03, 2006

Green Fingers

If you've never had a patch of soil of your own, these pictures might not mean much; but these little sprouts are causing us great excitement. First thing in the morning, we're checking the balcony. As soon as I get in from work, we have an update. It's terrific!

Habibi has never bothered with compost and greenstuff before, presumably because I was making enough mess for everyone, but this year I'm in a deep sulk about (^#@$%&*&^$) mealy bugs, plus we're leaving soon, so I haven't bothered. Consequently, our green and pleasant balcony was reduced to this for months.

In fact, less than this, until Habibibi bought fresh compost......

First there were the Basil Babies.

Then there was the coriander......and the carrots... and the onions.

Then he sprouted some supermarket potatoes and bunged them in, and now look at two days's growth!

Now, he doesn't even have to try. Look what the ginger did as soon as he turned his back.

Anything grows.


nzm said...

Yay! Habibi is branching out! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice Piccies, tell him indoors to start blogging again (please nicely).

And I still think your Karaoke was better than someone's rendition of Rod Stewart ANYDAY!

The Lodge Rocks/Rocked?