Monday, September 11, 2006


Our kids are back at school today, and rehearsals begin for the school play on Tuesday. One of the characters is Welsh, and the actor needs help with the accent, so I posted this on the UAE Community Blog last night. I'm not looking for a dialogue coach, just someone with an hour to spare, to chat about anything you like so that we can record a sample of your speech, as a key for developing a stage accent. No big recording contract, but two complimentary tickets, and the knowledge that you're a recording star!

You can contact me directly on


nzm said...

Hey MamaDuck:

One question: do Taffies travel? :-)

I haven't come across many - except for (one of) my ex-partner's mother who was Welsh, lived in NZ, and had the most gorgeous lilting accent that I could listen to all day!

You can always try Radio Wales through the BBC.

First, if you haven't got it already, you'll have to download RealPlayer which you can do from the BBC website here

Once you have RealPlayer installed, you can listed to Welsh accents to your heart's content from Radio Wales


nzm said...

good grief - spelling - I meant listen - not listed!

MamaDuck said...

Thank you. You are always such a great help! You should consider a career switch, and set yourself up as a bloggers' agony aunt. On the other hand, I've noticed that you like to go out occasionally.....