Monday, September 04, 2006

The Quintessential Yellow Duck

I didn't realise that your Blogger profile carries through however many blogs you may set up in a cluster. I put in a new pic for Decoy Duck, and was rather alarmed to find it on here when the problem - whatever it was - passed. Unable to find my original pic, I went looking for a new one in Google Image Search - I do like looking at the pictures - and found all sorts of informative, tacky, entertaining, bland, gross and funny sites and pics.

When I came across this image, I thought about building a narrative of Duckie's adventures before her triumphant return.

But I'm just not feeling pretentious tonight; sorry.

Instead, here are the pics that I particularly liked, and the source sites. I leave it to you to match image to site. (I know. How hard can it be?)

Well I mean........

I'll take one of each.

That guy on the far left of the back row looks a lot like a friend of ours!

John Darwell says of his work,
"Due to the nature of the projects I undertake I am often described/categorised as an ‘independent photographer’ (though perhaps ‘dependent photographer’ would be nearer the mark!). I work with museums, galleries and arts agencies on projects, either commissioned or self initiated, that reflect my interest in social and industrial change, concern for the environment, and more recently issues around the depiction of mental health."

Not what I expected when I set out on my 'yellow duck' search. I flicked through his current projects without proper attention, but found some of the images from his books compelling. I might even ask some of my senior students to look through his Garden of Earthly Delights and Melancholy Objects as potential starting points for, or visual commentary on, a piece of drama. I don't think they'd relate to the images from Britain's industrial past, though the entertainingly titled Jimmy Jock, Albert and the Six Sided Clock might pique their interest!

Marcia Talley won an Anthony Award for "Too Many Cooks," Best Short Story 2002 at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention. And she writes a blog.

Roberts Hot Tubs has a retail gift section with character plastic ducks. Yes it's silly! But Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin and The Blues Brothers really do work!

It keeps me amused.

Oh, and my new Little Yellow Duck comes from a whopping great Wikipedia entry on Rubber Ducks.

11.41. (TS please note.) Beddy-byes. After the day's excitement, I'm completely quackered.


nzm said...

My favourite is Dudley the Lifeguard duck! lol

John Darwell said...

Well there I was browsing on a dark wet sunday and lo and behold. Thankyou for your comments re my images..."compelling"...I might have to quote you on that one!

Like your tales.. v entertaining!

Have a good one! Best