Thursday, September 07, 2006


Another good day! (Looking for gut-wrenching, heart-breaking soap opera, all quivering lips, bosoms and loins? Boy, are you reading the wrong blog!)

Software training this morning: brief,to the point, useful,and it didn't make me feel like an idiot. My kind of IT experience. (No we weren't learning how to programme the microwave.)

We have a new teacher in our department, who impressed me big time yesterday, by coming straight to school from the airport after a flight from Australia across 12 hours's worth of time zones. She was coherent too, but weakly relieved when offered a lift home. I ticked stamina and grace under pressure off the Good Drama Teacher Check List. More ticks today. It's going to be a good year.

I've put up my NT and RSC posters in my classroom, and Stanislavski's 'Magic If' checklist (All the best people have checklists: just think of your mum!). They balance the array of puppets, masks, giant heads ranged behind my desk where I can't see them, all staring blankly at the students' desks. Small pleasures!

I seem to be winning on admin, but I want to go in tomorrow to do the stuff I didn't finish this week. It will all be worth it next week, and anyway, I like being in my newly spring-cleaned and redecorated classroom.

So tonight, I'm heading out for salsa at the gym, followed by bed at a sensible time and no late night blogging! Habibi's been invited to a party (with BetterArf) but I cannot do party and getting up in the morning. And if I don't get up in the morning, I shall be sorry all next week. When did I get so sensible?

Of course, if I did go to the party, I'd probably talk about filing and fall asleep before midnight, thus destroying my cred and still screwing next week up.

So I'm staying home. And I've heard there's an eclipse of the moon at 10.25 tonight, so there'll be something to watch too.


nzm said...

Well - did you get pics of the eclipse?

I didn't even see it!

MamaDuck said...

Er... me neither...

Actually,I didn't get to the gym cos I'd mislaid my front door key, and wouldn't have been ableto get back in later. So my peaceful evening went flat and tedious. I remembered the eclipse at 11.35, when it only amounted to a partial sooty fingerprint. Perhaps that was your 20%. Definitely not worth bothering about.This was no portent of plague; a touch of athlete's foot perhaps.