Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More chickens! (The ones I missed before)



New Hampshire





and Sebright

I have to say I love the look of the traditional birds - the ones that look like proper chickens - especially the Sussex.

The Orpington gives me the willies - how can a thing like that live?

And as for the Houdans, the Silky and the Frizzle - surely these were invented for Star Trek or The Muppets?

Apparently, the Naked Necks are ideally suited for hot, dry conditions because their very nakedness helps them to keep cool. So, ideal for here, or Central and Southern Spain, but I dunno..... a bit too weird for me, I think.

Betcha can't wait for a taste of my duck book, can you?


trailingspouse said...

Good grief! Just looked back at your post on the 26th. Some of THOSE don't even look like chickens. In fact the Frizzles looks more like a Yorkie having a bad hair day. I never knew there were so many varieties. I agree about the Orpington; looks like a Sumo wrestler!

Mme Cyn said...

I once knew and loved an orange hen who may have been an Orpington. "Cuddles" was the pet of my best mate Matthew, and after a long and fruitful life waddling around and laying pink eggs she gave up the ghost in the deep midwinter. We prepared her for a proper burial, but the ground was was too hard to dig into at the time, so we had to make do with a temporary grave and await the thaw. This was fine until later that week, when we heard a scream and a thump from Matthew's basement. His mother had fainted when she opened the deep freeze and saw Cuddles peering out at her, wrapped in Saran, and taking up most of the freezer.

Don't you love chickens?

cave renovator said...

Love the chickens! in fact we are thinking about getting some soon, our friends have and the eggs every morning are a delight, nothing wierd looking though! Great post.

MamaDuck said...

Hi Guys. Glad you enjoyed them! Not all of these are illustrated in my chicken book: I almost fell off my chair when I saw some of them for the first time. You have to wonder about the sanity of some breeders.

I look forward to when we have our own birds, for eggs and the table. (CR: Please post on how you get on!) I now know something about how to keep happy chooks, but someone is going to have to show me how to slaughter poultry properly, because I don't think I can use the method in the books. My next Wwoofing adventure had better be with omnivores who don't name their chickens. :/

By the way, chickens LOVE salad, so the hibiscus was fenced off til it was hardy, but there was an old tyre planted with sage and rosemary in a shady spot, and the girls would be in there every afternoon. Self-seasoning chickens!