Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Giles, Dad & Jin again

So he said: Love jin icon. I'm in the opposite chair.

And she said: So which character is yer dad then mamaduck?

And my first thought was that My Dad is far too ruggedly handsome to figure in Giles's Family.

But then I found this

and I thought...... Maybe?



Daddy-in-Law said...

That's a me

trailingspouse said...

OMG isn't that JUST Christmas in so many households!

Jin said...

I just love it!
Funnily enough, that
s what I look like when I sneak 40 winks on the sofa LOL
This cartoon has more in common with me than you'd believe. All shall be revealed in a post one day!

MamaDuck said...

Jin - I look forward to that!