Friday, September 01, 2006

Doomed, I tell you, doooooooomed!

In the course of an insanely late night catching up on my favourite blogs, I have just got to Cosmos Daily News, which has one of those funny-as-long-as-it's-not me stories:

"Without pens, we had nothing with which to fill out the immigrations and customs forms required for international flights arriving at their first port of entry to the United States. We ended up -- all 172 of us -- sharing the chief flight attendant's pen, passing it from row to row."

The headline was UK airports declare war on ink, but I can't tell you which paper it's from cos the site's deemed inconsistent with.... well, you know.

Also blocked is the link to World will end on 9 September 2006, but I thought you might like to know anyway, just in case you're making sure you have cash in the bank for your loan repayment/mortgage/credit card payment due on September 10th. You might wish to reconsider this fiscally responsible attitude and blow the lot on deluxe ice cream and some cute shoes to eat it in. On the other hand, it appears that the world was also supposed to end on August 22nd. Did I miss something? Or, as Mme Tucats asks,

So, what are you going to do with your "last" 12 days, this time?

Sceptics everywhere.

Believers may go to the bizarre Signs of Witness site set up by horror/sc-fi writer John Shirley. I don't read either genre, but there's an Amazon link if you want to check his titles. Better order Super-Expedite........


Pamela said...

Both stories on my blog were links to - which probably is blocked there. I think there's a way around the block and can try to find the instructions, if you are interested.

The item about ink / pens on planes is originally at this site (on the hope you can access it) and the latest prophesy about the world end is on a YouTube vid, here.

MamaDuck said...

Thanks, Pamela. YouTube's been blocked for a while, but the blog site's open.