Thursday, May 18, 2006


Ugh! Internet Explorer 7! Yeugh! Yeuch! Yick! What is this?
Using this last night, not realising that it's a new release, I thought that Habibi's laptop was crashing, if not giving up the ghost completely.
What's with the horrible blurry back-and-forward buttons? I thought I'd picked up the wrong reading glasses!
And all that crap at the top, that distracts from what I'm doing. Duh! Am I at primary school that I need wallcharts of the 3 Rs in large reassuring letters with cheerful explanatory pictures? In duplicate?
And the pages and toolbar fields of bloody security warnings every time I click on anything at all! Do they think we're stupid? When I buy a bag of peanuts, I know that it may contain nuts. Hello-o! Patronising marketing alert.

It wasn't broken! Why 'fix' it?


nzm said...

That's why I'm part of a dying breed still using Netscape.

I even tried to use Firefox, and I do use it for Blogger, as it's their recommended browser, but I still prefer Netscape!

MamaDuck said...

Actually I must confess, now that Habibi has explained about the tabs, that they might not be such a bad thing.....