Thursday, May 04, 2006

Very silly

A frustrated poet cried, "Darn't!
Though I've borrowed la plume de ma tante,
I don't have the I.Q.
To write decent haiku!
Haiwud if Haikud but Haikan't!'

Some UAE bloggers of note
(nzm, Keefieboy, Grumpy Goat)
Consigned social critique
To the bin for a week
and gave themselves over to pote

A limick's
just a gimmick,
but better than a sonnet
for a bee in your bonnet.


nzm said...

Haiwud if Haikud but Haikan't!

That's so clever!

Haikudos to you MamaDuck!

nzm said...

A blogger whose name's MamaDuck
At poetry, she did try her luck
Many lines did she write
She must have been up all night
We have to admire her pluck!


CG said...

wow....nice stuff.

MamaDuck said...

Thanks! Is weekend fun.

CG, I'll come visit.