Friday, May 12, 2006

The Great Indoors

This is the mall in my backyard: Ibn Battuta Mall. I think it's gorgeous.

When it first opened, just over a year ago, there were teething problems with the A/C and the cleaners as the crowds poured in in those early weeks, but there's little cause for complaint now. It's quite simply a a beautiful place to wander through.

The faux masonry is hand finished. The roofs are vaulted, beamed, painted, tiled. The detail is exquisite.

If you've never been to Cordoba (and I haven't) you could do worse than stroll through Andalucia en route for Géant. The walls of Egypt are covered in murals. The Persian dome is extravagantly tiled. The Indian dome is serenely beautiful. And as for China, after the glimmering elegance and muted warmth of India, the bold primary colours of China are something else!

From the legendary city of Cordoba

you can wander through the streets of Tunisia,

stop for a coffee in Persia

and a tea in India - and perhaps some very decadent chocolate cake - (Please don't feed the Elephant.)

before catching a movie in China.

And there are shops too.

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