Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shibaraku! (Just a Minute!)

We've had a busy week rehearsing and touring three performances of Shibaraku to the Japanese School and Emirates International School on Monday, and Zayed University on Tuesday.

Here's the plot (and flavour) of Shibaraku!, courtesy of a Zayed University lecturer who really knows how to write a synopsis - may be I should hire her for some of my posts. =)

Evil Lord Takehira is trying to get power in the province, and has stolen a book and a famous sword to 'prove' his claims. The owner of the stolen goods, Lord Yoshitsuna, catches up with Takehira at a shrine and demands his stuff back.

Unfortunately, Yoshitsuna has brought his beautiful fiancée Katsura Mae with him, and Takehira, not happy with just the sword and book, also wants the girl. So he summons his bodyguard Narita Gorō to capture and execute Yoshitsuna, intending to kidnap Katsura Mae for his own.

However, just in time, in comes the young hero Kagemasa, yelling "Just a minute!"... Will the hero save the day?

And what is the role of Shinsai, the 'catfish' Kashima priest?

The Characters and the Cast

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me, who is the artist of the Lord Takehira woodcut (the first picture). Thank you :)