Sunday, May 28, 2006

Post off

You know when you've spent however long on a post, and maybe stuck in some links and pics, and maybe even looked things up just to confirm that the capital of Guatemala is Stoke Poges, Rodgers and Hammerstein was an Austrian boy band, and that's how you spell encyklopoodia?
A little time, a little care. Then you hit the PUBLISH POST button.

And find you're being prompted to log on......

Well, don't cry, because the RECOVER POST button works, even when nothing appears to be saved. I didn't retrieve all of my last post, but I did get most of it, enough to be able to remember the missing portion. Be brave!

And follow Samurai Sam's advice for your next oeuvre - Save it in Word first, then cut and paste!

Actually, I usually select and cut before pushing PUBLISH - just in case.


nzm said...

No, no - that wasn't Sam's advice to cut and paste!

What he suggested was this:
You install the Blogger plug-in for Microsoft Word from here. This will install a new Blogger toolbar into Word.

Then, write the article in Word and save a copy onto your hard-drive. When you're ready to post, you can click on the buttons of the Blogger toolbar that shows within your Word program to send the post to your Blogger account as either a published post or as a draft. It's easy, and you have a copy of the post on your hard-drive too.

Once I've added the images etc to the post from within my Blogger account, I then open the html code page of the post, "Select All" and "copy", and then "paste" the html code to a new Word doc to create another back-up copy which now includes all the html code and the image and reference links. Call me paranoid - or a Virgo! lol

MamaDuck said...

You are a really clever bunny, aren't you?! OK! After an evening wrestling with post that will but pics that won't, I've dumped it in Word, and I'll try again tomorrow - I knew Blogger was having an off-day again, so I should have had more sense! Anyway, thanks for putting me straight. I've installed the plug-in as directed, and I'll do the thinking bit tomorrow. This one's F for Fauves and very rambly, even for me, so maybe a 24 hour stay is called for anyway. xx MamaD

nzm said...

BTW - I've also stopped trying to wrap text around images as it just doesn't look the same in the browser as it does in the Blogger editing window.

It used to cause me no end of stress as the formatting changed! So now I just post pics to the center of the column and the text runs above and below them.

MamaDuck said...

It works, too. I love the look of your blog. I chose my format for the colours, which I find soothing, but I'd prefer a wider column, to allow bigger pics - and it would make my posts look shorter.....

Keefieboy said...

Or you could write shorter posts!