Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good morning Andalucia

Since the new term started, with most of my classes in the afternoons and evenings, mornings tend to be spent in bed. Jealous? Ha! In bed with my laptop and assorted coursebooks and folders! Partly it's because there's a lot of preparation to do, particularly at this time of year, when we have new levels to teach, and new materials to work with - and of course, I'm coming back to English language teaching (ELT) after years of teaching drama. I'd rather do my prep here than at the office because.... well.... it's nice to get home occasionally!

However, in our bijou micro-piso, we need to make the best use of space, so that we don't keep bumping into each other, tripping over Stuff, and losing things under other things. So, Habibi has his office at the built-in table, and I have mine directly over his head, on the platform bed. I've got the laptop plugged in up here, with the lead running behind the books on the built-in shelf/bedhead, and the network cable running under the mattress and down the pillar/bed leg to Habibi's desk and the modem. I have got to take some photos of this place!

One of the nice things about the officebed setup is that as I get organised, I get to do things like catching up with friends, reading blogs, and really self-indulgent stuff like reading the daily Calvin & Hobbes, or playing in the JigZone. All while still in my pyjamas. This I like!

Today I've been to see what Cave Renovator's been doing since I last looked - in August! I love his blog. And I've added a new link to Mrs CR's Tapas Recipe site: yummy stuff from local (in a supermarket near us) ingredients - I may even cook, as opposed to pointing out fab recipes to Habibi!

We're still city dwellers - and loving it - but we're in Spain - and loving it - yay! (BTW, Don't tell anyone, but we don't use the Present Continuous for stative verbs.......... O....M....G........)

I feel some prep coming on!


cave renovator said...

Good morning to you Mamaduck, thanks for the link to the tapas blog, let me know what you cook! We will visit Madrid one weekend sometime soon - any recommendations on a good tapas bar...?


MamaDuck said...

Hmm. I shall have to ask around. Working afternoons and evenings means I don't get much chance for tapas. Howsoever, I definitely recommend the Gallego sidreria/restaurant La Manantial on C. Tetuan, off C. del Carmen - the one with the bear and strawberry tree statue. Their paella is fab too. The best olives are to be found at Cafe Central in Plaza Angel, which also has some very, very nice house red, and an imaginative, superbly cooked and stylishly presented, menu del dia. You could go back for the jazz in the evening, too!