Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Growing Season 2

There's a serious gardener in the next building!

I love tendrils. I love the can-do energy that sends curly-whirly feelers out in search of sunlight, air and rainwater.

Courgettes! Zucchini! Courgettes!

No idea. Radishes, maybe?
See how they've made a raised bed of sweet soil on the sandy ground.

Ah. Netting. Good idea.

Everything that Habibi planted on the balcony has done well, apart from the carrots, which simply never appeared. Perhaps it has something to do with the three doves that have flown down every morning for weeks, and just love to perch on the so-called carrot trough? There are a couple of bulbuls that also swing by most days. Hmmmm.

Netting. Must remember that for future reference.

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