Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Growing Season

Out on the balcony, we have


and signs of evolution, from rainwater on December 14th,

to primordial slime revisited on January 3rd.

We would have got rid of it at the first sign of a mozzie maternity unit, but it's obvious that UAE mosquitos haven't had much experience of algae. No alligators either, at least so far. Meanwhile our little water feature is rather beautiful, in a strange and lugubrious, Addams Family sort of way, so it stays til it dries up, or intelligent life emerges.
And then there's..............


Nature's bounty, newly emerged from an extended sojourn in the essential 'cool dark place' (bathroom! sob!). Technically, I suppose there's a rugged beauty in the interplay of shades of lavender, Spring green, and translucent white, but.......

we will be purchasing a new bag of compost tomorrow.

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