Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunny Spain

Don't talk to Cave Renovator about Global Warming.



nzm said...

Brrrr alright!

On Saturday we landed back in Deutschland to snow in Munich and a light fall (the first of the season) in Berlin.

We had the fox back in the garden yesterday sheltering under the table!

The snow's all gone now, and there are lots and lots of spring bulbs sprouting up EVERYWHERE - in the garden and in the lawn. Some of them are even flowering.

Truly crazy!

cave renovator said...

Mamaduck, it was unbelievable, thankfully its all melting now and life is getting back to normal in sunny Andalucia. Thanks again for your comments,


MamaDuck said...

NZM: Deutschland?! Already?! OK, see you again soon, I hope. BTW: Black.....wrong one...groan...

CR: Warm enough to type, and phone lines still intact. Good!

Rivkah Rosenfeld said...

I discovered that you had linked my blog to yours... and I am thoroughly delighted to learn that somebody from an Arab country is linking to an Israeli. WOW! How did you get there from England? You have piqued my curiosity! I am also very intrigued, how did you find me? Do you make dolls? I would love to get to know you.