Friday, January 26, 2007

Jobs in Dubai article

Extracts from an interview with the owner of, part of an ITP article. Interesting reading for those aiming to make an informed decision on using an online recruitment agency to find work in Dubai. Follow the link to the original article.

Windows: We spoke to Mike, a graphic designer, who in the three-month period he was signed-up with you heard nothing at all.
Nofel Izz: “Whichever employer gets in touch with you, they'll directly contact you because they have all the information. People don't have the concept… and Hot Jobs - everything is automated, the employers get in touch with you directly. It's strange that people here don't have the concept of an online recruitment company.”


Windows: In terms of what people expect from Jobs in Dubai, do you think it's worth trying to reduce the number of dissatisfied customers - whatever that is - by changing or amending the site to help them regard you as similar to Monster?
Nofel Izz: “First of all, the first thing we tell people is, it's not a guaranteed service. There's no guarantee you're going to get a job. You can always get your money back.”


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Jobs in Dubai

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