Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mostly clouds

We flew southwest over England's green and pleasant land, crossing the Bristol Channel above Cardiff, then out over the Channel from Torquay, across France from Brittany to the Bay of Biscay (which is called something else entirely in Spain) and south to Cordoba and finally, Malaga.

This little fella was as good as gold for the whole trip.

I'm guessing that these are the jet trails from other planes. I love watching cloud shadows move across open ground, especially from this vantage point.

Thank you whoever gave me the window seat.

Over the Bay of Biscay, all smiles for the summer travellers.

You have to go some to photograph a comet from an aeroplane, so I'm very proud of this. Feel free to be very impressed.

Roger Dean's Spanish Sky. I saw these sculpted towers from who knows how many miles away, and couldn't take my eyes off them, praying that they wouldn't dissipate before I was close enough for a decent shot.

P.S. That comet. It's a boat in open water. ;P

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