Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Got Pictures!

OK. Got LOADSA PICTURES! So here's The Manchester Airport Collection.

It's June 29th 2006 I've flown overnight from Dubai to Manchester via Istanbul, and I've got a few hours before the flight onward to Malaga. First we have: my backpack, my little satchel, my boots (I wore them rather than carry them.) and evidence of a rather nice lunch. Lunch was a ciabatta toastie with goat cheese, roasted vegetables and onion marmalade (I dunno: airport food...) helped down with a smoothie.

It's not just that I enjoyed the drink; I was also utterly seduced by the ingredient label (cheaper and less intimidating than a copy of Cosmopolitan).

This, my darlings, is what goes into an 'Innocent' Raspberry and Cranberry Pure Fruit Smoothie:

2½ pressed apples
½ a mashed banana
12 crushed raspberries
½ a freshly squeezed orange
62 crushed cranberries.

There! How was that for you? I saw a feature on the 'Innocent' people on the BBC last year. How fab to go from your kitchen to mass production with something like this.

Missing from picture: una bolsa amarilla (little yellow bag). Reason for absence: You can't see the runway at Istanbul from Manchester. But I'm not stressed, because I've had a sit-down and a smoothie, and some very nice guys have promised to fix the Internet kiosk so that I can talk to Habibi.

And so they did.
Thank you gentlemen.

And this is just a bunch of girls heading out for some fun. Way to go ladies.

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