Friday, August 25, 2006

Been there, done that.

Hey ho! Back again!

Curiously disorientated after such a long absence, so many new experiences, immersion in a new language, and fleeting visits to friends and family, but content to be home, and working up to blogging again.

Sorry about the long gap, but blogging in rural Spain involves long walks and careful attention to bus timetables - though you meet lots of nice people along the way.

And in Valencia, well, I was rather busy having a good time!

Going into school tomorrow to get my brain in gear for the new term.

Brain. Work. Yeah. I live in hopes!

I'll get back to you. With pics. Soonish.


Kate Walker said...

Welcome back Dear Duck. It was wonderful to see you, however briefly.

Looking forward to all the reportts.

have a great year.
Granada - The Alhambra - 2008 -right?

Mme Cyn said...

Ah, lovely to be away from all that awful old European greenery and back in the dust pit that is Dubai, eh?

Call me when you've caught your breath! Lunch is still (barely) a possibility...

nzm said...

Welcome back - you've been missed!

Portorosa said...

Nice to know you, MamaDuck, and a big surprise. I'll come back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mama Duck

Welcome back to Dubai !

Hope you had a good summer break back home.

I was in Dubai for a short visit last week - so we missed each other by a few days.

Next time maybe.

My blog is called RoseColouredGlasses and it is on Indiatimes.

The link to it is:

Would love to have you over at my blog and looking fwd to reading uer comments.



zaki duckie

cave renovator said...

MamaDuck! Glad you enjoyed your time in rural Spain, muy bien!

Get writing and tell us all about it!


MamaDuck said...

Hello! How lovely to see all these messages! Thank you for coming.
I've just spent an entertaining evening going through summer video for pics from the Molino. Will start assembling tomorrow - promise.

Kate Walker. Yup. Wouldn't miss it.

Mme C. Dust pit is right. Beige Central down here. Lunch yes!

NZM - You're still a star.

Portorosa - Hola! Gracias por su visita!

Zaki Duckie - Nice attitude. I shall return your visit when time permits and organisation improves.. ;)

Jin said...

Welcome back MamaDuck. Are you on a countdowen yet to leaving the Sandpit yet? LOL