Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Alcazabar, Malaga

On Saturday June 30th I walked up to the Castillo Gibralfaro, admired the view, came back down again, and went to the Alcazabar. (See Entrada 2) The two are connected, but tourists have to enter them separately, and to be honest, you need a break in between.

Here is the lovely garden on the Paseo del Parque, - first stop for the bride and groom after the ceremony at the town hall next door. That's the Castillo Gibralfaro behind it.

Gazebo: spot the pigeon!

And those are the walkways. It gets steeper further up! By the way, that view of the tower blocks and the bullring is taken from the castillo. 1116 metres up.

And the Alcazabar.

Thursday. Tech-mess as usual. Some pics won't load, and I'm respacing these because I've somehow bent the template, and my sidebar's heading for Timbuctoo. Fingers crossed.

.....and once more.....


nzm said...

These are gorgeous images - looks like a very peaceful place.

MamaDuck said...

Thank you! That really means something coming from you! Biiiig smile!