Saturday, April 29, 2006


WooooooooooWOO! Feeling great here. Crawled off to the gym for a 5.15 Body Balance class, feeling wasted. It is now 6.36 and I feel fab! Still got no abs nor much in the way of back muscles, and everything that's supposed to flex only does so under protest, but hubba-hubba-hubba when it's all over I'm looser, and riding a wave of endorphins. And I've got to be at least two inches taller. Back tomorrow for the 6.15. Meanwhile, Habibi has made spaghetti bolognese (which he does supremely well, and if you're reading this, Habibibaba, I'm sorry you missed it....). He does look after me.

By the way, I did the Body Jam class yesterday (also went on the treadmill and the cross-trainer without falling off!). It was good in a one-day-I'm-gonna-be-able-to-do-this-if-I-don't-die-first sort of way. Also the other three players were all 16 and I'm....... not.

If you've seen Save the Last Dance where Sean Patrick Thomas teaches Julia Stiles hip-hop, you may remember how gawky and out of it she was to start with. I've got her beat! Biiiiiiig time. Watching Flashdance tonight for a laugh. There's something familiar about the flying sw - um - perspiration. (Wooowooo!)


nzm said...

You feel very proud of yourself - no wonder you're crowing!

And thanks for the link to our blog!

Pater said...

is that loser or looser weightwise? anyway you said your'e a LADY and so you do not sw--- or perspire you only glow

MamaDuck said...

Hi guys. Flashdance is really bad. Oh my!
nzm I thought you were away getting jetlag and hotelitis?

nzm said...

I remember seeing Flashdance with a whole group of my fellow Rotaract (junior Rotary) members in Tauranga, NZ.

There were about 20 of us, and we each had to buy a different box/bag of sweets or chocolates and pass them around - the highlight of our night!

You're right - the movie sucked, but the music was what made it. Jennifer Beals looks so much better today than she did in that movie!

No - not travelling yet - J left last night, but my travels start on either Thursday or Friday this week, depending on when I can get a seat on the plane to Frankfurt.

In the meantime, I'm hosting an Aussie friend on her way back to Melbourne (after swanning through the US and Europe attending film festivals), AND I have to figure out how to pack 6 weeks of clothing into a carry-on strolly that includes spring clothing for Germany and US, and winter clothing for NZ!

nzm said...

Oi - look at what you started! :-)