Saturday, April 22, 2006


We don't get the dawn chorus around our building. It's a dawn stake-out by elite solo operators. There's the plump, black-chested sparrow (CHIRP!) that sits at the top of the maintenance (CHIRP!) well between our kitchen window and (CHIRP!) our neighbour's.
And (chyUGGachuggachg) the bulbul (chyUGGachuggachg) on the rooftop opposite.
And the pigeon on the balcony rail with its mournful one-note recorder ...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc foreign ...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc cousin, I'm sure, ...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc (yes, alright!) to the one in the tree outside my mother's kitchen window in England.
And every (CHIRP!) morning at 6 o'clock as I drift vaguely in the direction (chyUGGachuggachg) of the kettle, they're just there:
CHIRP! chyUGGachuggachg ...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc...cucucoocucucuc
with the occasional flyby air cover from a trio of green parrots CHEEkada CHEEkada CHEEkada...

Don't tell me it's the dawn chorus. It's the SAS, Avian Division.


nzm said...

You should go see the movie "Failure to Launch". We saw it tonight.

It's a light-hearted, meaningless comedy but it has a humourous subplot involving a mockingbird and a BB-gun!

MamaDuck said...

Yeah, I've been trying to get to it. Looks fun. Mind you, saw Ed TV this week, also Matthew MacC - er - him... Really enjoyed it, but two back-to-back would be confusing. Have you seen Sahara? The plot hangs by a thread in places, but so audaciously that you have to cheer!

nzm said...

Yup - saw Sahara because Dirk Pitt's my idol! Have read all the Clive Cussler books.

Matthew didn't do a bad job of it either, but I think that the guy that they cast as Al was a much better fit for his character.

I liked Matthew in Contact with Jodie Foster too.

In FtL, he gets to show off his body in one scene where he comes out of the shower - with towel draped appropriately, of course!