Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Can you hear me, Mother?

I'm very excited!

A couple of nights ago I was on the phone with Mother, 4,000 or so miles away. Mother has been deaf to every suggestion that she should get a PC. She's done enough typing in her time, thank you very much. So I am the envy of the staffroom, because my pigeon hole has fat, hand-written letters, all year round.

(I of course, have guilt, because while I phone fairly frequently, do I write? Do I @#%%#&*!
I could blame the pain-in-the-ass distribution and efficiency of post offices, heat, dust - oh yeah and they lost the presents I posted last Christmas and they lost my special Mother's Day je-ne-sais-quoi - et jamais bloody well will now by the look of things - from far-far-away Habibibaba. Aargh! *^$#$%^&!@#$&^%%$!!!!!!!!!! But no, I'm just lazy.)

No. Mother's not interested in a PC. Now I know where my technophobe streak comes from...

Yes, but Mother, you could get Internet access, and a Hotmail account, and send emails, and it's immediate. And get emails from Mama Duck, Big Brother, Dutch Uncle, French Leave, Darling Sister, Little Brother, Habibibaba and Omani Traveller, whenever something interesting comes up, and it's immediate. (Just made all those up! Did you get everyone? :) )And Mama Duck's got a blog now. And Dutch Auntie's webpage is full of gorgeous photos of gorgeous small Diamond, and you don't have to wait for the post.


At last, proof that a Diamond is the way to a woman's heart. Didn't I tell you he was gorgeous? Takes after both parents!

Yes, Mother said that she's going to visit the Internet Suite at Central Library, and seek out a librarian to help her get online. I approve of this kind of service. How civilised.

And I said, come visit my blog, and check out grannyp and La Petite Anglaise for starters. (Yes I know I've tagged them before, but this is for a cause.)

OK Mother, click on their names and you can go straight to their blogs. Enjoy. If you get stuck or end up with a blank screen, don't worry: it's impossible to delete or change anything, and the library staff have helped plenty of nervous novices before you. And let me know you were here. Pleasepleaseplease click comments at the end and say hi. If I can do it, you definitely can! (Be brave!)

xxxxxxxxx tu patito amarillo

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nzm said...

They now have community groups for "Senior Citizens" where they can go and learn about computers and the internet.

They're called Senior Net.

My parents belonged to one in NZ.
It didn't teach them as much as it should about email etiquette.

My mother insists on sending along every chain letter, unfunny jokes and powerpoint slides with fluffy duckies (no insult intended!), cute puppies and pwetty flowers with verses that end with the words, "send this immediately to 10 people or you'll be damned to hell and your hair will fall out."

Have I told you how much I love my mother? :-)