Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nine Day Wander in Jordan - December 2005-January 2006

Last December, Habibi and I flew from Dubai to Amman, and met Habibibaba off a flight from England for a family reunion. Then the three of us piled into a hire car for 9 wonderful days and 1550 km that took us from ancient Jerash in the north to Aqaba in the south, and almost to the border with Saudi Arabia. At the end, we were exhausted but very happy, and already listing all the places we hadn't got to, and all the places and people we wanted to visit again as soon as possible. My family have all had rhapsodic postcards about the people we met, the landscape, the art, the geology, and the reality of places familiar from bible and history books. Our message remains quite simple: go to Jordan. Just as soon as you can!

I took dozens and dozens of photos on our travels, which just goes to prove that those affordable digital cameras really are idiot-proof. So for your delight, (and mine!) I'm going to post some of them in batches, and add some commentary as and when I get round to it. (This looks dangerously like a plan.... :)

I do hope you enjoy them.

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