Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hebron jillayeh

This is called a jillayeh because of the applique on the skirt. Thobs are embellished with embroidery, and jillayehs with applique.

I love these colours! The border of concentric right-angles is called riish (feathers), a very popular border which I've seen with up to seven tiers. The red and cream shield shape is a variation on saru or cypress tree, and here you can see half of a triangle, the amulet motif. ( Isn't this exciting?!)

Detail of the qabbeh, or chest piece. Notice the delicate sequins. Again, the colours are wonderful, and as you see, this is blue, indigo-dyed cotton, not black. Imagine doing counted thread work on indigo or black (I've tried, and it isn't funny.) Mind you, living in the middle east, natural daylight brings out the weave and makes the coloured threads sing. There is no comparison with electric light, though shade and a.c. (air conditioning) make up for a lot!

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