Sunday, June 25, 2006

Words & Picture

Too busy/idle to read the papers this week, but I can still look at the pictures. See this one in Emirates Today. Just about sums things up at the moment!

........ 1 minute later...... I didn't mean to get the whole paper! (Didn't even want all of Page 4, actually.)

Sigh.... Click on Page 4, Home News, and scroll down. And, for everyone else who can't read the caption at this scale: TRADITION CONTRASTS MODERNITY - Camel trainers run their camels past construction developments opposite the Nad Al Sheba race track in Dubai. Lots of high rise developments are planned in this area as part of the city's growth.

OK Since we've got the whole thing, this is a particularly varied & interesting issue, whether you live here or not, including local & regional news and: P7 ad for 'The Summit' which is fairly typical of what 's going up; p11 feature on falling groundwater levels in the UAE; p18-19 the work of Dubai's censorship department; p20 the deployment of British paratroopers in Afghanistan; p21 Red Bull Creativity Contest; p28 promoting AIDS awareness.

So this is my souvenir copy of Emirates Today.

I've still got a year to get the mosque alarm clock

......and a cuddly plush Modhesh.

....I shall really miss this place.

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