Monday, June 26, 2006

Two days to go afore I go

I have tickets! Thursday 2.30 a.m. Turkish Airlines to Manchester. Then to Malaga. (Hadn't heard of them before, but definitely easiest, clearest budget airline website to navigate.) Find hostal. Dump stuff. Buy phonecard. Phone Habibi and try not to sound too outrageously pleased with myself. Find tapas bar, sit, order small yummy things and a glass of wine, and ver pasar a la gente (watch the world go by - straight out of the dictionary!) til bedtime.

Friday plan: walk, sit, walk, sit, walk, sit. Saturday plan: ditto. If I'm feeling energetic, there's the Alcazabar, a fortress-palace begun in the Eleventh Century; the Castillo de Gibralfaro, which I think was was begun earlier and finished later; a Roman amphitheatre at some stage of excavation (though after four amphitheatres in Jordan, it's not exactly a priority); the new Picasso exhibition; and the Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares. If I'm not, there's the new Picasso exhibition, and lots of ver pasar la gente. And I'm going to find some tourist flamenco, because I'm a tourist.

So there you go: stroll in the sun, sit in the shade, visit cool and ancient castles, a gallery, a museum, squeeze into a flamenco bar, and probably blog it while it's fresh in my mind! That will do me.

And on Sunday, I'm heading for El Molino La Ratonera for a month's work on land, orchard and vegetable garden, and tending their biscuits. I am so excited I'm almost airborne! Go see - it's a very interesting set-up, in a beautiful place, and they do holiday lets.

Howsoever, I've stayed up far too late, I've got to be up for work in the morning, and there are only two more days in which to get everything done before I GO!

Buenas noches.


nzm said...

Wow - excitement is in the air!

Please be extra careful of the biscuit bushes - their tendrils grow very fast and can easily trip up an unwary biscuit keeper!

Hasta la vista - baby!

Keefieboy said...

I am sooooo jealous!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Buena suerte en Espana...Estoy muy celosa :)

Bon voyage!

MamaDuck said...

Muchos gracias!