Sunday, August 07, 2011

Weird Crochet, Hyperbolic Crochet, Happy Crochet

I misunderstood an instruction, so instead of doing clusters of stitches, I did cluster stitches, and got these incredibly bulky flowers.

Flipped over, they could be anemones, or coral.

They remind me of the Order of the Garter, or the badge on Sergeant Dixon's helmet (Dock Green - when I was little!) It doesn't help that I made them before I figured out the correct way to do a starting circle, hence the mish-mash in the middle.
Which reminds me: Anyone for a little science project? I came across an article on the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef last year. Once you get past the apparent insanity of the idea, you realise that crochet really lends itself to modelling marine lifeforms - coral, of course, but what about barnacles? Anemones? Seahorses, for goodness sake! (Maybe when God put her feet up on the seventh day, she got her crochet out, and knocked out a couple of seahorses, a blowfish, a few tiger prawns and half a dozen starfish. Picture these creatures, and you'll realise that I could be right...)

There's a link (I LOVE THIS!!!) to the satellite projects around the world. Check out the Flickr photos from the Melbourne Reef show. But, here are some of organiser Irene Lundgaard's photos of the Irish Satellite Reef. Because I love looking at them.

Oh yeah! I've wanted a marine aquarium ever since the pet shop in Horwich installed one in about 1990. It was about five feet long, and four feet high, and just wonderful.

Crochet! The answer!
Doesn't leak or need cleaning.
Doesn't mind a power cut.
Doesn't get hungry or ill.

N0-one ever had to find someone to crochet-sit before going on holiday.

And no worries about how all the little finny things get on with with the knitted dog, the crochet cat, the plush guinea pig or the macrame owl.

So that's a plan, then. Excellent.

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Irene said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!