Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Primroses and folding chairs (first two days of the holiday)

I can crochet! I mean, I've got the hang of it again, having learnt last winter, and done nothing since. I made these yesterday, sitting outside with a whole series of cups of tea, hooking (and unhooking), and hooking (and unhooking) and......... until - Ta daah!
OK, crocheted primroses may not be your cup of tea. (I'm not entirely sure they're mine...) but I think the yarn works very well for their matte leaves and petals. And I'm tickled pink with managing a 2.5mm hook for the first time - and single crochet, half doubles, doubles and triples. Fascinating to see the forms develop on the hook from this list of code. (Meanwhile Keef, poor thing, was up to his ears in Java Script or some such.)

I'm going to have a go at a pansy and a briar rose today. If I can keep my tension loose enough on the 2.5mm hook, with finer yarn, I'm going to try crochet cotton next - even thinner, and no stretch, so quite a challenge for me, but I want the sheen and delicacy of cotton for flowers. Poppies. Love 'em.

This morning I took a couple of old pairs of jeans and replaced the perished upholstery on a folding chair that I found when we moved in. Denim's so strong, and jeans only ever get worn out at the crotch and hems, so it was a cheap and cheerful exercise. I'd love to call the result shabby chic, except that shabby chic doesn't do a thing for me. Let's call it cack-handed kitsch. (Keef's been very restrained.)

But it'll do for this summer, and now I know what I'm doing, I'm going to check out the end of season sale at muy chichi Tejidos Julián López on Gran Vía for some fab deckchair canvas, and do it over again for next year - together with this 18€ folding chair with drinks holder, book pocket and canopy that I bought from my favourite Chinese bazaar for supervising kids at the pool in July.

Stylish, or what?

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