Saturday, August 13, 2011

Celestial cabaret

We invited some friends round towatch the sun go down. A nice, relaxing end to the week.
They arrived just in time for the lightning.

We decided to sit out and enjoy the show with our summer cocktails and Keef's home-made tortilla chips and salsa. The wind and light rain on our skin were such a relief after three days and nights of sultry heat (34º the night before, and not a breath of air moving, though we had every window and door open - I went and slept on the terrace.)

The lightning got more spectacular by the minute. The thunder kicked in after an hour or so, and then the wind really got going! It does get windy up here, so I've slashed the canopy of the parasol to prevent it from taking off and injuring a pedestrian four floors below. Two days ago, I lashed the whole contraption very firmly to the safety rail, and tied the spokes to the support, to be absolutely sure.
All we needed was a hurricane to test it...

So - summer evening with son y lumiere - and then it really started slinging it down, so we retreated. Of course, I put every houseplant that wasn't tied down out there for a raindance!

And this morning, gorgeous sky, cool air, and - hmm...

So the macrame worked, then.

And the plants are happy.
This might even stir the banana palm into action - all that loving care, and even the odd tropical storm to make it feel at home!

Come on out, little BP. We know you're in there...

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