Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday's Hash

I'm really tired this week, so I'm not sure I'm up for this, but I've got the details about Sunday's Madrid Hash House Harriers' run, which starts at 12.30; giving me two lie-ins to recharge the batteries. Not being very fit, I needed some reassurance as to likely distance and duration, and found it in MH3's advice for 'hares' (the people who lay the trail for the 'hounds').

Variety is the spice of life.
Each trail should normally include a little of everything - a little shiggy, open country, a little bush, maybe a stream and level paths. It could also include a hill, but not every hill within a five km. radius... One good hill is quite sufficient. Any fool can knacker the hounds, taking them over every hill in sight. It takes good recceing to include one good hill only. We are not a mountaineering club any more than we are a serious running club. (my italics!)

General length
A trail should be about a minimum of 7 km to a maximum of 12 km, depending on the terrain covered. As a rough guide, if it takes two hours to walk the final trail, then it should take the average "hound" an hour to run it. ……….
A good trail ............. should have some bits where you have to crawl, walk, clamber, wade etc. but it will also have parts where you can just run without worrying where you put your foot next. Hills are good in moderation, so are rivers and railways, but too much is as bad as none.

So, I don't know if I'll have the energy for "a minimum of 7 km to a maximum of 12 km" (Nyaarghh!! What am I saying?!), but the weather's started to cool down, and I want to be out of doors. More: come the spring, I want to be fit enough to go walking in the mountains, and cover some ground. I've got a thing about glacier-sculpted landscapes, and I'm still promising myself that I'll go back to Peñalara and walk to the lovely Laguna de los Pájaros. Just as soon as I've built up the stamina to be able to walk back again!)

So, come this Sunday - or next Sunday, if I really can't move this week - if I run a bit, walk a bit, run a bit, I'm sure I can do 7-12km with the rest of the MH3 looney tunes. And then afterwards, there's a menu del día. Can't be bad.


nzm said...

Be sure to report back with how you do, and good luck!

Mama Duck said...

Ta! I'm actually less apprehensive about the run - which I can walk, after all! - than about fitting in with people who call themselves Spermfart and Arsecheek. What if they call me Lady Muck?

Definitely going. Staying in bed with book, knitting & laptop for most of today,WOULD NOT MISS IT TOMORROW!!