Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mother's birthday - Bless yore beautiful hide!

Mother and baby (me!) in the middle of nowhere. Winterton 1958

Us again, with every amenity..

and this is what she was listening to between feeds, nappies and walks. "Voice of the Xtaby"

Salmonby Road, 1962?

Lesley, William, Justin, Noelle

Fylingdales, 1973 ish. Where are Justin & Lynn?

No idea, but I remember the jumper.

Christmas (I assume from the hats, but what's with the vinegar bottle?!) 1974-ish. That's Mother, bottom left.

Tensing Road

Lynn's wedding, 1982?

Shipton Road 1989 ish - Sam undercover

May 2004.Terrific picture.

And Herriot Country,the Big Day Out, September 2009, complete with sheep, rain and rainbow.
How does she do it?!

Take it away, Frank....


CWB said...

That was very cool. Must say I don't remember a couple of the songs, but "Bless your beautiful hide" has been blasting out of my speakers.

Mama Duck said...

And I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on Sunday!

Laura said...

Oh so lovely!
Frankie Boy. Van der Valk. Mel Torme .. my morning is starting out gooood! Thanks!