Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nineteen years ago today

December 2nd, 1987, 9.30 p.m.
We have a habibibaba!

Dec. 8th. 6 days old. Gorgeous.

Dec. 9th. First day home. Hat made with love. He'll grow into it.

1 a.m. Again. Bless.......

May '88. Still gorgeous.

Dec. '88. Six steps unsupported! Assorted relatives say 'He'll be walking by Christmas.' Nothing doing.

May '89.
He walks.
He runs!
He falls over!!
He picks himself up and starts again!!!
Battered but triumphant.
And stilll gorgeous.

Nineteen years on, he's out on his own. He walks, he runs, and if he falls over, he picks himself up and starts again. He's fab (and gorgeous!). We're immensely proud of him. There is no greater joy than the knowledge that our Habibibaba is out there in the world. We love him.

Happy 19th birthday to our darling son.


Kate Walker said...

Happy Happy Birthday baby duck!


Dubai Sunshine said...

Aww...adorable...Happy birthday Habibibaba!

Mme Cyn said...

I want to see the naked-baby-on-the-bearskin-rug photos ... or are you saving those for Habibibaba's girlfriends?

MamaDuck said...

Thank you all.
Mme Cyn: You betcha ass!

Jin said...

Just read this & am close to tears. Us mums do love our baby boys hey?
Belated Happy Birfday to your son xxx