Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas at the Wafi


(The times they are a-changin.....)


nzm said...

Flippin heck! You'd think that it was any western mall if you didn't know that it was in Dubai!

Keith said...

That last picture had me speechless!

halfmanhalfbeer said...

Mama Duck: extraordinary isn't it. Here we are in a Muslim country and christmas is everywhere. If you return to England it seems that Christmas has been cancelled for fear of offending the minority groups. It's strange world. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Mme Cyn said...

Awesome! You'd think it was New York except that no one is wearing a coat. Wafi done us commerical Christians proud.

MamaDuck said...

nzm: They had snow too: cunningly formulated soap flakes that drift down just like the real thing. Children enjoy the 'snow', but it's us adults who stand stock still with big loopy smiles on our faces.

Keith (?!): ditto! Can you imagine a shop window like that even two years ago?

HMHB: Yup. It is only as it should be that Britain guarantees freedom of religious expression for all citizens and visitors, but to abandon the public expression of a major thread of British culture and tradition is quite pitifully misguided. Especially when no-one asked them too. Feeble. We'll just have to do our best out here, I guess. It's tough in the Gulf! Good luck with your feast. We are invited to the roasting of a goose this year, assuming that our chef can get it in the oven (He's not entirely sure....). I saw an episode of Gilmore Girls in which Sukey's husband deep-fried the turkey in a fryer in the garden. Actually he deep-fried everything in the fryer in the garden. So there's an option.