Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm tired this week. Good, relaxing, tuned out weekend - dinner with friends, a couple of small special exhibitions, sleeping in til 11 Saturday and Sunday. Woke refreshed on Monday morning. 8pm Monday, dead person impression. What?

Tuesday. Non-stop. Good, satisfying non-stop. Colleague became absolute favourite colleague of all time by putting a counter-coma cup of tea in front of me at 7pm so I could go celebrate my husband's sensational pie-making. Very very nice evening chatting with interesting people I rarely get to talk to.Bed just after 11.

So tonight - Wednesday - long, tricky day, complicated stuff ending in work emails from home, prepping tomorrow's 8am class. Staggered off to bed towards 11. Goodnight.

1am - awake.
One important omission remembered - go brain, contingency plan, details.
One brainwave - go brain, big picture, details.
And it's 1.45....... 1.55...... alarm set for 6.45.
Dog tired. Why am I awake?!
And it's 2.04.....5.....

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