Sunday, September 21, 2008

Corn & Beans

Country cousins, corn and beans do well together. Planted side by side, the beans climb through the corn and up the stakes like a green trellis, and everything ripens in its own good time, tra la!

But there has to be a catch, and here it is.Trailing Bindweed may be a prosaic name, but it succinctly indicates the social habits of the pretty Columbine, all delicate pink and white skirts and charming tendrils, and the instincts of Becky Sharp. Better out than everywhere.....

(Tangent Alert: If you suffered through - and with - Tess of the D'Urbervilles at school, you might find this interesting. Thank you, Thomas B. S. (Bloody Sanctimonious) Hardy)

Meanwhile, back at the smallholding, I give you yer actual corn flower

or backyard triffid.... tribble..... poodle best of show......

and the fruit of its thingies, with interesting background vegetables.
BEANS! I thought bean blossoms were always scarlet. I shall check with the BBC before buying seeds, but it sounds as if Red Rum could give angelic Columbine a run for her ill-gotten gains, and the demure Painted Lady might get past her.

If you leave the pods to dry,
tip them onto a tarp,
and riddle them gently with a stick - as a break from hoeing, weeding, hoeing, weeding and ...
you get seeds for next year.

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